UHT Steam-Free Indirect Liquid Steriliser


During a recent process project for MiAlgae Ltd based at Heriot-Watt University, the engineers at Brewology were asked to modify their standard packaged Flash Pasteuriser into a UHT Indirect Steriliser. This request was successfully achieved using a combination of standard Brewology products merged and integrated together using the Brewology principles of Modular and Multifunctional, standard repeat and integrated networked products. 

The system's original requirements were for a Flash Pasteuriser to deliver a very high level of PU's over 2,500 with full heat recovery. The plant was designed as "Steam-Free", which is a process specifically developed for small craft producers such as craft brewers, cider makers, etc. This uses simple technology as seen in other food and beverage process systems. 

The original Flash Pasteuriser has been developed into a fully functional UHT Indirect Steriliser with full heat recovery, integrated automated CIP and a unique Brewology "HOG" (Hot Oil Generator) system. The HOG system is perfectly matched to deliver precise, fully controlled heat via a 3 stage heat exchanger to produce UHT liquid product with sterilisation, operating at 121°c as a minimum. The system can extend much further if required, as the HOG can operate at up to 180°c.

From cold to full production, the product process system remains either sterile via terminal sterilant (PAA) after its integrated CIP, or UHT sterile, having always achieved the minimum set points for temperature and time.

This system is efficient, cost-effective, practical, and is perfectly suited to the small craft producer.

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