Sterile Filtration

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The Sterile Filtration module is used to effectively remove microorganisms without affecting the product, sterilising 38 hectolitres of product an hour.

Main features

  • Pre-filter to protect the Sterile Filter

    • 3 or 5 x 30 inch cartridges​

    • Filter grade optimised by filtration expert

  • Fully integrated into the Brewology Master Controller

  • Flow control to compensate for pressure drop

  • Automatic routing

    • Product flow​

    • Pre-filter back flush

    • Sterile filter and pre-filter CIP

  • Electronic pressure transducers

    • For accurate filter pressure drop monitoring​

    • To enable sterile filter integrity testing​​

  • Flow plate swing bends

    • For integral filter bypass​

    • Inlet production connection

    • Outlet to kegging

    • Hot water connection for pre-filter back flush


How does it work?

  • In operation, the filter simply passes the bright product through the pre-filter and then through the sterile filter to deliver a sterile product to kegging, bottling or canning.

  • This unit is specifically designed to suit the high intermittent flow rates 38hl/hr per Brewology keg filling head.

  • Some products may require 3 filter cartridges, and some may require 5. This is dependent on the volume to be processed between CIPs or back flushes.

  • The system is recipe-driven and can have set points to alarm should the filters become blocked.

  • You can also monitor the life of the filter cartridges and degradation over time. The inbuilt integrity test system provides the user with the confidence that the cartridges are sound and effective.

More technical information

Read more about this in the provided PDF

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