Steeles Masher

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The Steeles Masher is a traditional British Brewing machine, producing the best mash Grist/Brewing Liquor mixture to enter into a traditional British Mash Tun. Available in various sizes from 6 to 12 inch. 

Main features

  • Variable speed as standard

  • Used to effectively mix and aerate the mash

  • Uses a close fitting screw feed and paddle beaters for mixing

  • Brewing liquor injection without grist case contamination

  • Sight glass to view grist flow


How does it work?

  1. The device collects the dry grist normally dropping from the grist case.

  2. It's then screwed forward and forced to mix with brewing liquor at a ratio of approx 2:1, completely saturating the malt. 

  3. The tight tolerance screw prevents liquid and vapour feeding back into the dry grist case, and the downstream paddle beaters mix and aerate the grist liquor mixture which then drops into the Mash Tun, forming a typical deep bed, avoiding the need to manually mix the mash.

More technical information

Read more about this in the provided PDF

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