Small Pack Filler

This unique machine is a rinser filler with automated size changes for cans/bottles from 200ml to 750ml as standard. The machine is a two row 6 head filler, collecting 6 cans/bottles while filling the previous 6 cans/bottles.

Main features

  • Fills up to 1,500 cans/bottles per hour

  • Dual purpose can and bottle filling machine

  • Automated size changes for cans/bottles from 200ml to 750ml

  • Delivers correct fill volume at recipe set point

  • Quick change parts requiring no operator settings

  • Handles cans/bottles from 50mm to 80mm diameter and 112 to 290mm tall

  • 2 row, 6 head filler

  • Flushed with sterile water

  • CO2 purge reducing fobbing and waste

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