Brewology Launches Their New Compact Range

Last week we introduced our new Compact Range, which we've developed for brewers and cider makers who may not have tonnes of space to work with, or require a simple solution for washing and filling. Included in the range is a Keg Filler, a Keg Washer Filler, and a Cask Washer.

Compact Keg Washer Filler (KWF-18)

Alongside the Keg Filler, we've developed a small footprint single station Keg Washer Filler. With its 3 tanks and 3 pumps for pre-wash recovery, electrically heated hot detergent and hot water final rinse, this unit can produce the following:

  • 18 x 30L kegs washed, sterilised, prepped and filled

  • 23 x 30L or 50L kegs washed, sterilised and prepped

  • 48 x 30L or 38 x 50L kegs filled

Find out more here.

Compact Keg Filler (KF-58)

Designed as a standalone single head filler, there are two types of Compact Keg Fillers available, one being a filler for standard format kegs, and one for kegs with an internal bag, such as the KeyKeg. This unit can produce 58 x 30L or 48 x 50L kegs filled (from ready to fill kegs) per hour. Find out more here.

Compact Cask Washer

The final piece of equipment to be introduced into the Compact Range is the Compact Cask Washer. By fitting an add-on module over the Compact Keg Washer Filler head, the unit can be utilised as a small but very efficient Tornado Cask Washer. By only using 6 to 7 litres of water per cask, this unit can produce (per hour):

  • 28 washed and sterilised firkins

  • 32 washed and sterilised firkins with pump upgraded to 6 bar

Find out more here.

To enquire about our Compact Range, email us via or contact us for a quote.