Introducing the Compact Keg Washer Filler

The Compact KWF-18 is an evolution from the existing range of Brewology Modular Keg Washer Fillers which offer the ability to add modules and increase production.

The Compact Range is designed for small units such as a Pub Brewery where there will never be a requirement to expand production. Included in this range is a standalone, small footprint single station Keg Washer Filler. This unit can produce (per hour):

  • 18 x 30L kegs washed, sterilised, prepped and filled

  • 23 x 30L or 50L kegs washed, sterilised and prepped (wash to stock)

  • 48 x 30L or 38 x 50L kegs filled

It's an ideal piece of equipment for saving space, saving on water costs, and saving you time. To find out more about the Compact Keg Washer Filler and its features, click here.