Introducing the Evolution Mini Keg Filler

The Evolution Mini Keg Filler is a truly modular and multi-functional machine with no compromises on performance or efficiency. (The above picture is a twin station model, capable of filling 120 kegs per hour.

The unit, like most Brewology machines and systems, is modular and can be added to. By purchasing the primary module (the Left-Hand module), it can then be expanded by adding slave modules (the Right-Hand module).

The unit has been designed to fill mini kegs, cask pins and even large bottles. It has an 18mm OD fill tube, compared to other units which are based upon large bottle fillers with 12mm OD fill tubes.

The Evolution Mini Keg Filler has a unique filling system, allowing a flow rate capable of filling over 60 five litre mini kegs per hour per module.

In other systems the bung press is usually a separate unit downstream which leads to excessive fobbing and under-fills. The Brewology Evolution Mini Keg Filler uses technology from the larger Evolution Modular Cask Filler which has an automated shive press function.

The Mini Keg is sealed in seconds following the fill, which increases production, eliminates fob and enables the operator to remove the full and sealed keg from the filler and invert it for a simple rinse and drain prior to stacking and palletising.

As is standard on all Brewology fillers, a mag-flow, meter filling to a set recipe point, is achieved using electronic counter pressure/back pressure fill rate control.

High flow rates are achieved with a unique CO2 purge facility. This pulse purges via the beer tube, enabling us to empty the beer tube and blanket fill with CO2 post-filling. The purge puts CO2 into the Mini Keg at its low point and evacuates O2/air from the Mini Keg at the vent point, producing a flow through the can.

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