Introducing the Brewology Evolution Small Pack Filler

Taking 5 years of development and using the same technology as used in the Brewology Cask and Keg Washer Fillers, a unique dual purpose Can and Bottle Filling machine has been created with the first being delivered to Abbeydale Brewery.

This unique machine is a rinser filler with automated size changes for cans/bottles from 200ml to 750ml as standard. The same machine can rinse/fill a 200ml slim can to a 750ml bottle. There are few minor change parts for cans to bottles (the guide and seal) but these are quick change parts requiring no operator settings. The whole machine handles cans/bottles from 50mm to 80mm diameter and 112 to 290mm tall via a screen-based recipe and digital software teach system, very similar to those used to teach robotic technology.

The machine is a two row 6 head filler, collecting 6 cans/bottles while filling the previous 6 cans/bottles. On collecting the cans/bottles, these are sealed to the heads and then lifted and rotated during which time the cans/bottles are filled with sterile water. Once the cans/bottles are totally full and inverted, CO2 will be used to blow out the cans/bottles, producing an O2 free/CO2 counter pressure environment ready for filling.

The filling system is similar to filling a keg, using electronically controlled back pressure to manage the fill rate, ensuring that CO2 remains in suspension and thus a fob free back-fill. The use of individual magflow meters will deliver the correct fill volume at recipe set point.

While 6 cans/bottles are filling, the other 6 heads will be offloading and reloading the next set of bottles/cans.

Full cans/bottles will be driven out from the rear of the fill heads to meet a digitally controlled positioning and indexing conveyor which will align and position the cans for lid application/seaming or bottles for crowning. The seamer/crowner will also be totally automated and size adjusted by recipe. The only size change parts required are for canning when slim/sleek cans are used on the same machine as standard cans as the can lid anvils will need to be changed to suit the can lids.

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