Brewology Peristaltic Pumps are ideal for transferring brewery products such as beer, yeast, finings, detergents, and can also be used for cleaning (CIP) and scavenging. The pump acts as a flow control device to reduce fobbing and CO2 breakout, improving the natural conditioning of the beer.

40 Bore Pump.png
40 Bore Pump On Skid transparent.png

Bore size

EP5 - 5mm

EP10 - 10mm

EP15 - 15mm

EP25 - 25mm

EP32 - 32mm

EP40 - 40mm

EP50 - 50mm

Main features

  • 5 bar pressure gauge standard sealing up to 8 bar gauge

  • Hygienic stainless steel construction

  • Variable speed drive

  • Available as a mobile pump or fixed position

  • Slippage free

  • Stop and seal

  • Hygienic pulsation damper system option

  • Options for connections (Tri-Clamp, RJT, Din)

Perfect for pumping beer, yeast, isinglass finings, general chemical dosing, liquid additives and flavouirings, CIP tank scavenging, and pulsed wash cleaning.


How does it work?

The Hygienic Peristaltic Hose Pump crontrols beer flow without generating fob and avoids any cross-contamination. It's designed so that the rollers press against the substantial precision machines internal pump body, squeezing and closing the hose trapped between.


EP5 - 0.0125 L/rev

EP10 - 0.025 L/rev

EP15 - 0.083 L/rev

EP25 - 0.280 L/rev

EP32 - 0.6 L/rev

EP40 - 1.250 L/rev

EP50 - 2.670 L/rev

Flow rate

EP5 - 0.8 L/min

EP10 - 1.6 L/min

EP15 - 5.4 L/min

EP25 - 18.2 L/min

EP32 - 39 L/min

EP40 - 75 L/min

EP50 - 146 L/min

More technical information

Read more about our Cask Washers in the provided PDFs

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