Kegging System

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The Brewology Kegging System is of a modular design, allowing you to start with what you need, adding plant as required when your sales grow. This system is capable of washing and filling 35 (50L) kegs per hour.

Main features

  • Keg in position sensor

  • Clamping neck jaws for safe operation

  • Full electronic control and monitoring

  • Keg head seal check

  • Pre-wash and hot detergent wash

  • Detergent strength monitoring

  • Hot rinse with recovery

  • Meter fill and electronic back pressure flow control

  • Low-level keg handling

  • Ullage duty reclaim

  • Steam and CO2 purge


How does it work?

  1. The operator loads the keg (neck down) centrally on the rise and fall table.

  2. Pressing the two buttons will then start the automated process.

  3. The keg clamps lower onto the head via the rise and fall table.

  4. The machine then goes through its recipe set timings and parameters, monitoring and controlling pressures, temperature and flow rates to deliver a consistent cleaned, sterilised and filled keg.

  5. At the end of the process, the keg neck is washed and sterilised.

  6. Then the keg is raised from the keg head and freed to slide from the raised loading table to the conveyor for accumulation and easy full keg handling.


  • 50L kegs washed, sterilised and filled - 25 per hour

  • 50L kegs washed to stock - 35 per hour

  • 50L kegs filled from stock - up to 70 per hour

  • 30L One Way kegs - up to 70 per hour

  • 30L KeyKegs - up to 70 per hour

More technical information

Read more about this in the provided PDF

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