Manual CIP Set

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The Brewology Mobile Manual CIP Set is based upon the fully automated 250L twin tank CIP set, and can be upgraded at any time. Aid efficiency, reduce costs and remove the need for increasing labour in a growing brewery or cider making plant with the Brewology CIP Set.

Main features

  • Two 250L insulated tanks (1 recovery/pre-wash/water tank, 1 hot detergent tank)

  • A 3 phase immersion heater

  • Automatic temperature control of the detergent tank

  • Dry run pump protection

  • Speed set by mobile phone

  • Inline strainer to protect the pump and spray nozzles

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Heavy duty castors with 2 locking wheels

  • Final rinse pressure boost

  • Added options available


With the hygienic pump option, it can be used for beer transfers and metered by the optional flow meter.

The Mobile Manual CIP set can be upgraded to a fully automated CIP by returning it to the Brewology workshop in Bradford. By prior arrangement, this process can be completed within 5 to 10 working days. Alternatively, the work could also be carried out by a good team of engineers with remote support from Brewology via WhatsApp.

To add full automation:

  1. Purchase the full automation kit from PD Brew Ltd (Brewology)

  2. Fit the optional items as necessary

  3. Remove the panel door blanking plate along with the control buttons, switches and temperature controller

  4. Fit the HMI touch screen (in the door cut out)

  5. Fit the additional electrical components to the existing pre-drilled panel back plate

  6. Fit the panel's internal wires, all pre-cut to length with crimped ferrules and wire tags

  7. Fit the wiring and pneumatic lines containment tubes

  8. Remove the plugs and blanks and fit the sensors

  9. Plug in the pre-made sensor leads and route back to the panel via the containment, connect the leads into the in-panel terminals

  10. Remove the manual valve handles and fit the pneumatic valve actuators

  11. Fit the pneumatics manifold via pre-drilled and tapped holes

  12. Connect the internet Cat 5 cable to the site router and into the panel mounted EWon remote communications module

  13. Communicate with Brewology via WhatsApp and carry out remote commissioning

  14. Fully automated CIPs can now be carried out via the touch screen commands and leave the system to clean your plant

  15. Return to start a new days production with a clean plant

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