KeyKeg Adapter


The KeyKeg Adapter is a much improved new solution based upon a simplified Brewology KeyKeg Filler, which uses the services of a Keg Washer Filler (KWF) or Keg Filler module.

Main features

  • Fills 50 x 30L KeyKegs per hour

  • Base unit supports the pneumatically operated keg filling head

  • Two button safety operation

  • Adapter remains clamped during the whole batch of KeyKeg filling

  • Minimal heavy lifting of full kegs

  • KeyKeg system can be cleaned as a standard CIP clean

  • Simple and secure twist and lock pneumatic clamp


How does it work?

  1. By utilising a simplified pneumatically operated KeyKeg twist and lock filling head, the operator simply loads the keg inverted at a low level, similar to a Keg Filler or Keg Washer Filler.

  2. When loaded and twisted to the mechanical stop, the operator simply presses a touch screen button to activate the seal lock and simply begin the metered fill process using the process systems from the standard Keg Filler or Keg Washer Filler.

  3. When the fill level set in the recipe is achieved, the keg is released from the seal lock, ready to be simply reverse twisted and lifted from the low-level fill head.

  4. With the Brewology keg handling conveyor system, it's easy to both prepare empty kegs, remove the spear seal, sanitise and then utilise the Brewology KeyKeg purge and burp function to vent the bag, and pulse purge the inner bag of O2 with CO2, as recommended by KeyKeg.

  5. After the filling is complete, it's a quick and simple process to swap over the full keg for a new empty KeyKeg and restart filling. The full KeyKeg can now be flipped and slid down the skid to a waiting pallet.

  6. While on the skid at a 45° angle, it's easy to sanitise the spear, apply a cap and label the keg.

  7. Finally, the keg can be flipped the last 45° to an upright position on the pallet.


More technical information

Read more about this in the provided PDF

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