Keg Washer

Brewology Keg Washers are capable of washing 25 (20 to 100 litre) kegs an hour. With their powerful pre-wash and hot final rinse, our washers are guaranteed to give kegs a thorough clean. 


TK25 - 25 kegs per hour / single wash station


Detergent Set




Sizes - 20L to 100L kegs

Material - Stainless steel


Main features

  • Powerful pre-wash and hot final rinse for sanitisation and effective detergent removal

  • No need to drain or pre-rinse

  • Saves on water costs

  • Guaranteed to wash and sanitise as per recipe parameters

  • Can be ready for production using a timing system

  • Temperature controlled with electric or steam heating

  • Ullage duty re-claim

  • Modular - add-on stations available

  • Remote diagnostics and software upgrades via the internet



Touch screen - 4.3 colour TFT

Control panel - Stainless steel

Remote support - BrewNet Remote Support as standard (internet connection required)

Adjustable settings - Change wash times and temperature set points easily using the integrated touchscreen

Manual controls - Run pumps and open valves manually for servicing

Backflush - Automatic backflush of pump filters

Alarms - Easy to understand alarms



Pressure - Since pressure is a critical control point for washing kegs, the Tornado Keg Washer monitors this throughout the washing cycle.

Pre-wash tank level - This is monitored and automatically topped up if required during washes.

Detergent tank level - This is also monitored and automatically topped up if required during washes. Additional low-level protection is in place for the heating elements to ensure they are always covered.

Detergent temperature - This is measured constantly by the controller and displayed on the touchscreen. This ensures the correct temperature is maintained throughout the wash.

*All sensors come with a 5-year manufacturers warranty



Detergent temperature - 0 to 80°c depending on the chemical used. Please consult your chemical supplier.

Hot final rinse - >80°c reduces the time to break down the detergent wash and ensures cask sterility is maintained.

Washing method - High-pressure washing at 5 to 6 bar combined with a pulsed sequence.


Heating options

Electrical - 3 phase electrical heater

Steam - Stainless steel steam coil


How does it work?

  1.  The operator loads the keg (neck down) centrally on the rise and fall table.

  2. Pressing the two buttons will then start the automated process.

  3. The keg clamps lower onto the head via the rise and fall table.

  4. The machine then goes through its recipe set timings and parameters, monitoring and controlling pressures, temperature and flow rates to deliver a washed and sterilised keg.

  5. At the end of the process, the keg is raised from the keg head and freed to slide from the raised loading table to the conveyor.

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More technical information

Read more about this in the provided PDF

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