Hot Oil Generator (HOG)


The Brewology Hot Oil Generator is a variation of a Hot Water Generator (HWG) but instead of being limited to 90°c as a clean HWG, it uses food-grade oil to be able to deliver hot oil at temperatures up to 180°c.

Main features

  • Highly insulated to retain heat

  • Oil level monitoring to detect micro leaks

  • Precise heat control via a variable speed circulation pump

  • Rated up to 180°c

  • High temperature cut out

  • Available with on/off or modulating heater controls

  • Timed "Wake Up" - ready when required without operator attendance

  • One annual service, bi-annual oil change


How does it work?

The HOG is like a domestic wet central heating system, except rather than water as the heat transfer medium from the boiler to the radiator, it uses food-grade oil. The advantage of oil compared to water is that it has a much higher working temperature range up to 300°c, compared to water which boils and produces steam at 100°c. Above 100°c water much be pressurised, oil at 180°c can be non-pressurised, and does not need to be compliant with PED regulations.

In a HOG, the heat output to the process is controlled by varying the flow of hot oil. The oil heater (electric or gas) is then switched on/off for a simple less precise control solution or can be modulated for a very precise control solution.

For a steam-free process solution, such as heating a jacket-heated vessel (a brewing kettle of a UHT steriliser), hot oil is a very cost-effective solution. You simply circulate the hot oil from the HOG through the jacket or heat exchanger and return it for reheating back to the HOG. The effect of temperature on the product to be boiled, evaporated, or sterilised is very similar to steam.

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