Detergent Set

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The Brewology Det Set is designed to support a Brewology Keg Washer or Combined Keg Washer Filler. It also has additional functionality to clean the keg filling head and its product supply line. Tank sizes range from 250 to 1000 litre.

Main features

  • Available as Twin, Triple, and Quad tanks:

    • Twin - Recovery & detergent​

    • Triple - Recovery, detergent & hot water generator (steam or electric heating)

    • Quad - Recovery, caustic detergent, acid detergent & hot water generator (steam or electric heating)

  • Tank sizes - 250L, 500L, 750L, 1000L

  • Fully insulated hot water tank with dedicated pump

  • Recovery/hot detergent tank (with heat recovery from recovery to detergent)

  • Fully insulated externally

  • Gas/water separator in recovery and detergent tanks

  • Automated detergent dosing and monitoring as an option (suitable for millisiemens strength determination)

  • Steam control valves and steam traps included

  • Timed "Wake-Up" to heat hot water and detergent

  • Upgrade to a fully automated CIP available


How does it work?

The Detergent Set operation is fully automated and controlled from a Master Controller.

  1. From initial start up, the system will top up and heat up the Hot Water Tank. This can be done during light out prior to production.

  2. With the Hot Water Tank full and at the correct temperature, it will top the Detergent tank and either request manual dosing or start automated dosing if this option is included.

  3. When making up the hot detergent tank, the detergent pump will run, recirculating detergent around the detergent loop.

More technical information

Read more about this in the provided PDF

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