Compact Keg Washer Filler

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The Compact KWF-18 is an evolution from the existing range of Brewology Modular Keg Washer Fillers which offer the ability to add modules and increase production. The compact range is designed for small units such as a Pub Brewery where there will be a requirement to expand production. The compact range is a standalone small footprint single station keg washer filler.

Main features

  • Produces:

    • 18 x 30L kegs washed, sterilised, prepped and filled​

    • 23 x 30L or 50L kegs washes, sterilised and prepped (wash to stock)

    • 48 x 30L or 38 x 50L kegs filled

  • 3 tanks and 3 pumps for pre-wash recovery, electrically heated hot detergent and hot water final rinse at 85 to 90°c

  • Full heat and water recovery from hot rinse and steam condensate

  • Twist and lock keg head for S or G type

  • Powerful Master Controller to automate other functions

  • Metered fill and electronic carbonation control

  • Block and bleed valve system for detergent product isolation

  • Optional ullage recovery for HMRC duty reclaim 

How does it work?

The Compact KWF is compliant with most industry kegging specifications to carry out the following:

  • Check the keg valve is sealed to the keg head

  • Check for residual internal pressure inside the keg that has been returned from trade (no residual pressure could mean the seal has leaked or it's been tampered with post carbonated beverage dispense)

  • Blow out the old contents (option to collect old product for HMRC duty reclaim)

  • Pulse pre-wash the keg with recovered liquor collected from previous washes which is then blown out to drain

  • Pulsed hot detergent wash which is recirculated and reheated

  • Blow out back to the detergent tank looking for a wet probe to turn dry

  • Pulsed hot clean water rinse to remove all traces of detergent and get the keg to a level of hot pasteurisation 

  • Blow out back to the recovery tank using 3 bar steam (recovering valuable water, heat and cleaning chemicals)

  • Pressurised with steam to 2.9 bar gauge pressure to sterilise the keg and remove Oxygen

  • Hold the keg at steam pressure for the recipe set sterilisation time

  • Purge the keg with food-grade CO2 and pressurise to a recipe set level to prevent CO2 break out when you push a carbonated product into your sterile keg

  • The filling process then begins, with the keg head remaining engaged throughout, providing an O2-free sterile fill

    • The keg head Block & Bleed valve ensures complete isolation of cleaning chemicals and your product​

    • The meter fill is managed by a digital Mag Flow Meter to +/- 0.1 litres, and also measures the product temperature​​

    • The product flow control is from either an external pressurised system or via the Brewology pump option (more accurate and uses less CO2)

    • The actual flow of product into the keg is managed by a digital back pressure regulator. We let CO2 out from the keg, managing the keg's internal pressure which then allows more product to enter

  • When full, we withdraw the keg head broach, close the keg's valve and flush clean the valve before depressurising the head and releasing the keg​

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