Compact Keg Filler

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The Compact KF-48 is an evolution from the existing range of Brewology Modular Keg Fillers. These kegging machines are designed as standalone single head fillers only. There are two types of keg fillers, dependent on the keg style - standard format kegs (without an internal bag), and kegs with an internal bag, such as the KeyKeg and PolyKeg smart Keg K type.

Main features

  • Produces 48 x 30L or 38 x 50L kegs filled (from ready to fill kegs)

  • Head flush to ensure the chamber and spear face is clean

  • Head chamber CO2 purge to ensure it's dry and O2 free

  • Seal pressure check to ensure you have the perfect fill head to keg seal

  • No fobbing/CO2 breakout with internal CO2 or Bottle to Bag air pressure check

  • Metered fill and electronic carbonation back pressure control

  • After fill keg head flush for a clean keg spear or valve

  • Keg counter and records keg fill data for each keg filled

  • Full manual operations via the touch screen

  • Compact - 600w, 680d, 1795h (mm)

  • 240v single phase supply (16A blue plug)

  • Cat 5 wired internet connection for full remote support

  • Compressed air 8mm push-fit connection 7 bar pressure, air set included

  • Hot water for head flush 0.5 to 1.0 bar pressure

  • CO2 for purge and pressure check 2 bar+ regulator included

  • Twist and lock keg head for S, G, K type

  • Powerful Master Controller to automate other brewery functions

  • Extra modules can be added to increase production


How does it work?

The Compact Keg Fillers generally offer substantially higher performance than dispense-type coupling keg fillers. Compliant with most industry kegging specifications to carry out the following:

  • Invert and load the keg onto the keg filling head (twist to lock-in). Press start.

  • Flush with hot water and purge the keg head with CO2 to ensure the keg head chamber and keg valve is clean and free of O2.

  • Check the keg valve is sealed to the keg head by pressurising the keg heads chamber to a recipe set point.

  • Check for suitable internal counter pressure. This is essential to ensure a fob-free fill with minimal dissolved CO2 breakout. If the keg's counter-pressure is below a recipe set point, this may indicate a poorly prepared keg or leaking keg seals. The operator will be presented with a choice to either correct the low counter pressure and add CO2, or reject the keg.

  • The filling process then begins.

    • The meter fill is managed by a digital Mag Flow Meter to +/- 0.1 litres, and also measures ​the product temperature

    • The product flow control is from either an external pressurised system or via the Brewology pump option (more accurate and uses less CO2)

    • The actual flow of product into the keg is managed by a digital back pressure regulator. We let CO2 out from the keg, managing the keg's internal pressure which then allows more product to enter

  • When full, we withdraw the keg head broach, close the keg's valve and flush clean the valve before depressurising the head and releasing the keg.​

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