Compact Cask Washer

Compact Keg Washer Filler with Cask Wash

The new Compact Keg Washer Filler can be utilised as a small but very efficient Tornado Cask Washer with the add-on module which can be quickly fitted over the keg washer filler head. This module includes an integral wash set of 3 tanks and pumps to pre-wash, hot detergent wash and hot rinse (sanitise).

Main features

  • Produces:

    • 28 washed and sterilised firkins

    • 32 washed and sterilised firkins with pump upgraded to 6 bar

  • 3 tanks and 3 pumps for pre-wash recovery, electrically heated hot detergent and hot water final rinse at 85 to 90​°c

  • Full heat and water recovery from hot rinse and steam condensate

  • Powerful Master Controller to automate other functions

How does it work?

The wash station is taken straight from a highly efficient TCM (Tornado Cask Washer). It still only uses 6 to 7 litres of clean hot water to rinse and sanitise a cask, however it's slightly slower than a true TCM-32 single station Cask Washer. This is due to the fact that the keg pumps on pre-wash and hot detergent wash are slightly smaller and thus we give extra time to accommodate the slightly lower pressure at 3 bar. Upgrading to 6 bar is also an option.

The Compact Cask Washer is compliant with most industry specifications to carry out the following:

  • Pulse pre-wash the cask with recovered liquor collected from previous washes which is then diverted to drain

  • Pulsed hot detergent wash which is recirculated and reheated

  • Pulsed hot clean water rinse to remove all traces of detergent and get the cask to a level of hot pasteurisation (80°c)

  • Spent hot water recovered for pre-wash

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