Cask Filler

Brewology Evolution Cask Fillers are capable of filling numerous types of casks an hour, from pins to kilderkins. With their unique cask lift, product flow meter, and low shear pump, our fillers guarantee to fill casks effectively without losses and fobbing.

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EC46 - 46 firkins per hour / single station

EC82 - 82 firkins per hour / twin station



Sizes - Pins, firkins, and kilderkins - 4.5, 9, 10, 11 and 18 gallons

Material - Stainless steel, plastic, aluminium


Main features

  • Meter fill each cask

  • Minimal manual handling

  • Unique cask lift

  • Loading height optimised for cask and operator

  • Two-button safety operation

  • Automated cask discharge

  • Removable rolling rail

  • Available with shive press



Touch screen - 4.3 colour TFT

Control panel - Stainless steel

Remote support - BrewNet Remote Support as standard (internet connection required)

Manual controls - Run pumps and open valves manually for servicing

Backflush - Automatic backflush of pump filters

Alarms - Easy to understand alarms


How does it work?

  1. The cask is manually loaded and aligned.

  2. Pressing the two buttons will then start the automated process. Once the cask is raised to seal against the fixed filling head, the automated recipe-driven metered filling sequence commences.

  3. Finings are automatically metered into the recipe during the beers mid-flow.

  4. When the metered beer flow is complete, the filling head tube is withdrawn, allowing the operator to activate the cask lifter.

  5. The cask lowers to clear the head for manual shive insertion.

  6. The final lift lowers and discharges the full cask to rolling rails.

More technical information

Read more about this in the provided PDF

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