cask filler with

auto shive insert

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The Modular Evolution Cask Filler (Racker) range effectively meter fills casks from Pins to Kilderkins with typical UK ales, porters, stouts and more with a reasonable carbonation level racked at below 10°c. This module is capable of filling between 82 to 120 casks per hour, and includes an automatic shive press.

Main features

  • Fills 82 to 120 firkins per hour depending on model type

  • Unique cask lift

  • Meter fills each cask

  • Loading height optimised for cask and operator

  • Automated cask discharge

  • Auto shive press included

  • Light Guard system for safe automated production

  • Remote diagnostics


How does it work?

  1. The cask is manually loaded and aligned.

  2. Pressing the two buttons will then start the automated process. Once the cask is raised to seal against the fixed filling head, the automated recipe-driven metered filling sequence commences.

  3. Finings are automatically metered into the recipe during the beers mid-flow.

  4. When the metered beer flow is complete, the filling head tube is withdrawn, allowing the operator to activate the cask lifter.

  5. The cask lowers to clear the head for shive insertion.

  6. The final lift lowers and discharges the full cask to rolling rails.


  • Speed - 82 to 120 firkins per hour

  • Meter filling - standard

  • Finings injection - standard

More technical information

Read more about this in the provided PDF

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