Carbonator Buffer Tank


The Brewology In-Line Carbonator Buffer Tank delivers a flexible solution for carbonated beverages when pre-processing product prior to bottling, canning or kegging. Available in sizes 300L to 2000L or larger if required.

Main features

  • Accurate, reliable and consistent carbonation to match the recipe set point g/l for each product

  • Variable speed hygienic inlet beer transfer pump to flow control

  • Automatic level and pressure via accurate hydrostatic pressure measurement

  • Digital temperature monitoring and trim shortage control via the glycol jacket (750L and above only)

  • Flow control and metering recording the volume packaged/processed/CO2 used

  • In tank CO2 adjustments for new products

  • Buffer tank size options to suit the production and batch requirements


How does it work?

The system controls are completely automated via the software module loaded into the Master Controller. This could be a dedicated unit to the carbonator or it could be the Master Controller on a Brewology Keg, Cask, Can or Bottle Filler. The Master Controller could even be the unit forming part of a "Fit, Plug and Play" Brewhouse or Cool Room automation system.

To operate, simply set the recipe to the g/l of CO2 required. The system has an initial purge and carbonation check option to remove O2 from the vessel and then carbonate a set volume of product and holds before continuous inflow production begins. This feature allows the user to check the contents via a CO2 analyser and make minor adjustments if required.

For filling kegs, the system can use the keg machine's flow meter to control the flow from the carbonator via a Sterile Filter Module if one exists. If other vessels are fed directly from the carbonator, it may be preferable to add an additional flow meter to control the flow from the buffer tank to match the incoming flow rate, thus balancing the system and optimising CO2 usage.

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