Air Compressors


A very important service on all Brewology machines and systems is clean, reliable, oil-free, compressed air. 

Brewology has teamed up with Mattei, a quality manufacturer of rotary vane air compressors to resolve any issues caused by poor quality compressed air. Mattei manufacture and sell good value compact compressed air systems, perfectly suited to the Brewology range and its needs, as well as other brewery, process, and general food and beverage requirements.

The rotary vane air compressor is our preferred choice, and is:

  • Very reliable

  • Produces clean, almost oil-free compressed air

  • Quiet - easily lost in the background noise of a typical plant

  • Require a simple annual service

  • Reliability is backed by a 5-year warranty

For most small breweries, we recommend a Blade 1 S 200 system. This consists of a 1.5 kW, 3 phase air compressor, and a 200L air receiver with auto-drain and a refrigerant powered air drier. The Blade 1S will suit most very small breweries producing cask beers with its 8-bar gauge pressure delivering 160 l/min at 64 db. etc.

When a brewery extends production into kegging, then the air compressor needs to grow, and we start here with the Blade 4S 270L solution, extending upwards if necessary. The Mattei Blade 4S 270L comes with a large air receiver 270L and built-in refrigerant air drier. With its 4 kW 3 phase main motor, it produces 630 l/min in a very compact 1 sq. m format, producing just 61 db. With an auto-drain and discharge filter, the air delivered is perfect for kegging and other general compressed air needs.

The compressed air in kegging has two functions, the machine air which operates the actuators and process valves, and we recommend an 8 bar air compressor feeding the air set (isolator filter regulator) supplied with the machine which should be set at 7 bar gauge pressure. The kegger also requires process air. This is used to blow out the kegs to continually deliver clean, almost oil-free compressed air. A good rotary vane compressor can do this year after year with very little attention or maintenance. The compressed air delivered is perfect for process air in kegging. Kegging process air needs to be at high flow for a few seconds and the Blade 4S and its base receiver at 270L can deliver this with ease.

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