About Us

At Brewology, we supply high-end, quality machines and systems for quality craft beverage producers under the Brewology brand name.

The team supporting the business has joined as apprentices, trainees, and graduates, and provide a unique blend of skills to support every aspect of craft brewing, craft cider, and general craft food and beverage manufacture.

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Vocation Twin KWF kegging Modules - Copy

The Brewology Keg Washer Filler at Vocation Brewery.

The key to the Brewology product range is the terms ModularMultifunctionalNetworkedRemote Internet Support, and "Fit, Plug & Play".


Most Brewology machines are designed as modules, thus you can assemble the modules you need now, and add on at a later date to meet future needs.


A machine or system may be able to carry out multiple tasks, for example, a cask washer can support kegging, or a keg Det Set can become an automated CIP Set to clean the whole brewery.


All Brewology machines are normally networked together via EtherCat (Industrial Ethernet) and via I/O Link at sensor level. This provides simple installation and enables full remote access from Bradford.

Remote Internet Support

Using networks and the internet, our engineers can connect to a remote machine or system to provide breakdown support and software upgrades. Via the remote support system, we can often commission most standard factory tested machines without the expense of visiting site.

Fit, Plug & Play

This is typical of our machines as you install (Fit), Plug the machines and modules together, then we Play via the internet to commission the machine. Fit, Plug & Play also describes our DIY automation kits, which can be added to our Master Controllers. These include many brewery process systems which can be automated from a Fit, Plug & Play kit, such as tank monitoring and control, product movements, liquor blending, cooling and heating for mashing in, paraflow and more.