brewology cask racker for rudgate brewery

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We started off this project by making the CAD model of the Racker and checking the technical aspects. We then ordered the profiles and parts once the design had been signed off.

Once the profiles arrived at our workshop, our Fabricator, Austin, began welding them together to create the main body of the Racker. 

With the profiles now welded together, the body was ready to be bead blasted. This process ensured that the body had a clean and polished finish. The left picture shows the body before bead blasting, and the right picture shows after.

Our electrician, Harry, then began to work on the wiring inside the machine. 

More parts were added over the course of a few days, including the vital pipework and the peristaltic pump.

The Racker was then ready for a few test runs before our customer visited the workshop to review their new machine.

All packaged up, the Cask Racker was ready to be delivered to Rudgate Brewery in York.

Craig and the team at Rudgate were pleased to receive their new Cask Racker and sent over a video demonstrating how well it works for their business, just a few days after it was delivered to the Brewery.

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