Portable Flow Meter

The Portable Hygienic Flow Meter is accurate for flow measurement of beer, cider, brewing liquor and most other fluids. Its new large display shows flow, temperature and totaliser values in your choice of units.

Main features

  • Set up by a free bluetooth app on your smartphone that can monitor from up to 10m away

  • Available with 1.5 Tri-Clamp or 2 inch RJT or Din adapters

  • Specially designed hygienic connections 

  • Heavy duty stainless steel

  • Waterproof to IP68

  • Large display

  • Re-charged overnight to a normal days usage

  • 240v charger included

  • Carrying handles to protect the meter


How does it work?

Once the meter is initially set up, you don't need the app to operate it out in the plant. To operate, simply switch on, reset the flow, and go!

More technical information

Read more about this in the provided PDF

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